We're Baaaack....

Posted: Jan 09 2013

Hi there Beautiful!! 

So, it's been a minute and I'm sure you thought I was recycling the same OLD stuff! ;) Well, for those that believe in "Tai´Sheree" and what we have in store as we progress, THANKS so much from the BOTTOM of my heart! As for the "naysayer's" - well, I love you all the most and welcome you to come along for the ride with the rest of the Modelista's! I love beauty, fashion and even ice cream but it's too bad that we can't sell my favorite flavor's considering you'd have a pink, milky Haagen-Daz mess with tons of cherries on top "literally," at your doorstep! As you can see, "ishoptaisheree" is filled with hot new pieces from various parts of the world that I have personally hand selected with YOU in mind! Considering I don't have a large team of staff members or power investors, its safe to say that I am the true definition of a "One Woman Show" and I LOVE it! Everyday I wake, I'm reminded that I'm growing closer and closer to my destiny. However, I wouldn't have been able to pull off my very first "Shoot" without Terrance and Cynthia over at the "Bailey Agency School of Fashion" and these BEAUTIFUL Modelista's... 

ChanithiaJourdyn  Sharr

 I LOVE U bunches! These super cool Modelista's showed up, spent the "entire" day with me, munching on party subs, chips, fruit and water while jamming to music that we love most! The experience in working with these ladies was an amazing one, as we all cozied up in a number of "NEW" pieces just so you'd be able to see how the product actually flows on your beautiful physique! Well, enough of my chatting because I can go on and on for day's. :-) 

It's NOW time to enter a world where "It's not just fashion; It's a feeling!" I'm sure you're going to LOVE what you see!!