"TAI´SHEREE"(pronounced) Tay-Shur-Ree. I am a Believer, Mommy, Visionary, Model, Entrepreneur, and Founder of "TAI´SHEREE." 

My ultimate goal is to instill the importance of education and ownership within the mind's and lives of my two daughters; hence, my ambition, drive and dedication to OWNERSHIP in all things pertaining to my life.

 At the tender age of 7, I became fashionably conscious of what looked "AMAZINGLY" beautiful and what looked simply a MESS! In my world, being the second oldest of five children meant going without the latest and stylish brands but learning early on that with determination and hard work, I'd be able to obtain them in the future. Having been blessed with such loving parents, the priority was placed on maintaining a beautiful home and a nurturing environment filled with LOVE. 

I can vividly recall early one morning before school, while in the second grade being told by my mother to wear a green and white snowflake printed cable knit sweater with a red turtleneck underneath. I quietly rushed to my sleeping father's bedside and whispered "Daddy! Look at what my Mama wants me to wear to school?!" My Daddy, looked into my eyes and whispered, "just put a cuter blouse in your book bag and change when you get to school." It was in that moment that the fashionable side of TAI´SHEREE was born! 

By age 10, my Mom was a hardworking single parent of five children. Quite honestly, life was rough for us all! We moved from a beautiful 4 story home to a small 3 bedroom Bungalow style home across town. My responsibilities naturally increased without my Mom's request as I began caring for my younger siblings. I worked odd jobs such as cutting grass, selling candy door to door, fudging my age to work at Northland Mall and even begging this really nice lady named Regina to "please, just hire me" at what used to be Rally's Hamburger, a fast food restaurant. Shortly thereafter, my Mom made the financial sacrifice of enrolling me into a local Modeling School where I walked in my very first Fashion Show. 

After graduating High School I studied Criminal Law at Tennessee State University and later obtained my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Management. The opportunity to pursue my passion in Modeling was presented when I signed my first contract with TRAQUE International Models. I have since modeled both Domestically and Internationally, walked in New Yorks Fashion Week, appeared in music videos, performed in Voice Over commercials as well as a host of other projects. I am currently being represented by BMG Model Management. 

My experience in the fashion industry has allowed me to become more familiar with designer brands, current fashion trends, fabrics, various styles and the price tags that tend to follow. I am a firm believer in *mixing less expensive pieces with high end fashion* to complete any "Modelista's" look. Many year's passed before I understood the truth behind my parent's lack thereof; and simply put, they were unable to afford the latest name brand clothing and shoes that were so desired by their five children. However, I credit both of my parents for the woman I am today and that, in my opinion is "PRICELESS!" Sass, Chic and Sophistication is what every "MODELISTA" should embody regardless of size, height, ethnicity or financial status; shopping "TAI´SHEREE" allows just that. "MODELISTA'S" are sure to find trendy, fashion forward, EXCLUSIVE, "quality made" statement pieces at an affordable price point in the privacy of their own home "OR" place of employment while feeling, "internally" beautiful at the same time. 

I welcome you to take a look around, add some pieces to your Shopping Cart, checkout to complete your transaction or stop by our store inside of Sugarloaf Mills Mall to experience this fashionable magic with one of our MODELISTA'S in real life! And always remember, "Modelista"...

"It's Not Just Fashion... It's a Feeling!"